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What to Do With Your Wedding Dress After the Wedding

seasons at the traditionOnce your wedding is over, you will likely be doing a lot of basking. Basking in the beauty of the wedding ceremony, basking in the fun of a memorable wedding reception, etc.

After your basking period, you'll need to do some thinking. Like, what are you going to do with that wedding dress?

Certainly, you'll have options. Here are a few ideas, some traditional, some a little more offbeat.

  • Save the wedding dress as a keepsake. That means you're pretty much just keeping the dress with no concrete plans to use it again. Still, it does make a nice keepsake and perhaps it can be handed down and kept in the family.
  • You can donate the dress. There are plenty of charitable organizations that accept donated wedding dresses. Look for a charitable, non-profit organization in your area and then decide if your wedding dress can be used to help others.
  • Use the fabric to decorate photos. This may seem silly on the surface, but it can really help "dress up" precious photographs. If nothing else, it's a unique way to dress up your wedding photos. The dress fabric can also be used in the cover of your wedding album.
  • Take the dress to a consignment shop. If you would like to recoup some of the cost of the wedding dress, find a local consignment shop and see if you can sell this dress. Be warned: You may not get a great return on your investment, but this is an option.

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