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Tips for Planning a Milestone Anniversary Party

Event Venue25-years of marriage is a wonderful milestone, a great reason for a celebration. Here are some tips to help you plan a milestone anniversary celebration for yourselves or loved ones.

An anniversary party can be hosted by many people. It is typically hosted by the couple's children, close friends (particularly those who were present at the wedding), siblings of the couple, or the couple themselves.

The first step in planning the anniversary party is to choose the date. The actual anniversary is the best choice, but that may not be possible if it falls on a weekday, holiday, or busy time of the year. You can choose a date close to the anniversary or in the same season. You also need to consider travel arrangements for out-of-town guests. If you are planning the anniversary party for a busy time of year, send out save-the-date cards well in advance.

You can choose many locations for the party. Popular choices are a restaurant, an event space, the couple's favorite spot, a vacation destination, or the couple's or a family member's or friend's home. If you plan to host the party at a restaurant at a busy time, plan it well in advance.

The guest list will depend on the size of the venue and your budget. It is essential to invite close friends and family and members of the wedding party. Let guests know if children are invited or not.

Choose invitations that match the tone of the event. Invitations for a formal event should be elegant, while those for a low-key event can be informal. Include the names of the couple; the date, day, and time of the party; the name and address of the venue; the names of the hosts; contacts for RSVPs; and what anniversary is being celebrated.

Consider the color of the anniversary when planning the invitations and decorations. The 25th anniversary is silver, and the 50th is gold.

At a formal party, it is expected that the couple will make speeches and the hosts will give toasts. This is optional at a less formal party.

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