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The Appeal of the Winter Wedding

seasons at the traditionSure, we hear about spring and fall weddings all the time. People clamor to get a June wedding date. Others hope their October wedding will include a lovely natural backdrop of fall foliage.

But what about the winter wedding? Surely there must be some advantages to tying the knot during the season of snow.

There are.

Winter weddings can mean greater schedule flexibility and lower overall costs.

If a couple truly embraces the winter wedding, there are all sorts of fun winter weather themes that can be incorporated into the wedding ceremony and reception.

First off, find a warm place. This does not mean just settling for a place that has working heat. Find a wedding reception location that gives off a warm feel with lighting, d├ęcor or even some fireplaces. There should also be plenty of space since fewer people will likely be outside to take pictures (or linger and socialize while smoking). Candles and seasonal cocktails can also add to a warming winter mood. Plan ahead and ask questions.

Another big advantage to winter weddings is cost. Winter is the off-season for weddings and the discounts are there for the taking. Many wedding reception facilities will offer discount packages during November, January, February and March (December tends to be a busy time for holiday parties so bookings are tighter). These discounts can apply to many wedding vendors as well.

Memories at the Tradition offers a reason to tie the knot while the weather outside is less-than-delightful. Any weddings booked for the above months will receive 15% off the total package.

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