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Should You Choose a Cash Bar or Open Bar?

Full BarOne question that often comes up when planning a wedding or other special event is whether to have a cash bar or an open bar. There are many different views on the subject and ways to handle the issue.

Some wedding planners and some of your family and friends might frown upon the idea of having a cash bar. Some people believe that if you are inviting loved ones to a party, you should show that you appreciate the fact that they came by providing them with a delicious meal and as many drinks as they want. If you decide to have an open bar, some venues charge a flat fee per person, while others only charge for the amount of alcohol that is served.

For some people, having an open bar is not practical. If money is tight, or if you are inviting a large number of guests, there are ways that you can reduce your costs. You could trim back your plans for other aspects of the wedding or party, or you could provide limited drinks. Many people opt to provide soda, beer, and wine free of charge and allow guests to purchase other drinks. Some people also offer their guests a signature cocktail. You can offer a complimentary champagne toast and cash bar for other drinks. Some people have an open bar during the cocktail hour and a cash bar at other times.

Another way to reduce costs is to purchase the alcohol yourself. Some caterers require you to purchase alcohol from them, but others will allow you to buy it on your own. If your caterer will allow you to do that, you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing alcohol wholesale. This will also give you the freedom to buy exactly what you want. You can choose less expensive drinks, rather than the top-shelf alcohol that your caterer might try to sell you.

The issue of whether to have an open bar or a cash bar will depend on your budget. While guests tend to prefer open bars, if you are having a large crowd or have limited funds, there are plenty of other ways to provide your guests with some free drinks and save money.

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