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When is the Right Time to Begin Budgeting for a Wedding?

seasons at the traditionOnce you are engaged, begin budgeting for your wedding. Don't wait too long.

You want to be realistic when creating a budget. Know what you can and cannot afford. Remember, the sooner you have your wedding budget in place, the sooner you'll be able to begin the actual wedding planning.

Make a priority list within your wedding budget. You and your fiancé need to determine the "must haves" for your wedding. Remember that if you overspend on your "must haves" the money will have to come from someplace else.

Decide who will pay for what. This should also be done early on. It will help you shape the wedding budget. The traditional way has been for the bride's parents to pay for the wedding. Of course, times change and not everyone goes the traditional route. You and your future spouse will need to determine which route you want, and are able, to follow. You can certainly talk to parents (from both sides of the spouse aisle) to determine if they can help with the cost of the wedding. Perhaps they will be able and willing to pick up the open bar tab, a cost which can be substantial.

Here's something to remember: You can save money on weddings during certain times of the year.

Off-season weddings often mean a better overall price on things like reception halls. Off-season weddings are usually designated as weddings taking place in November, January, February and March. You can find deals that offer 15% off the total wedding reception package.

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