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Preparing a Bridal Suite

A bridal suite is a big part of the wedding day. It is a chance to go somewhere comfortable and chill out, unwind, relax, not vomit from nervousness and perhaps enjoy a cocktail and a bite to eat.

Suffice to say, it would be nice to do all the things listed above in a relaxed atmosphere. This is because there are very few relaxing moments on wedding day.

So how can the bridal suite be made into a room of relaxation on a day filled with some many emotions. As is often the case, it's the little things.

Remember, the bridal suite is a room the bride can use before the ceremony. Or after the ceremony. Or both. The bride has a room, that's the point.

Make it comfortable. Buy some new candles before the wedding day specifically for the bridal suite. Scented candles are delightful. Perhaps some flowers. If you have a floral vendor for your wedding, ask about bridal suite flowers. You might be able to strike a deal.

Eat something. And drink something. Let's start with that second part. If you are using the bridal suite before the ceremony, keep lots of water handy. A glass of wine might be preferable, and that's fine, but remember there are going to be lights and lots of pictures later on. You do not want to be dehydrated. Keep the water flowing to feel your best. Light snacks like fruit or crackers are also a good idea. An empty stomach is an unhappy stomach, especially if you plan on indulging in wedding day libations during your reception. Ask your bridal suite facility provide about those food and drink options.

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