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Planning a Corporate Luncheon

corporate luncheon ctPlanning a corporate luncheon can be important and stressful. However, such a lunch can be a pleasant and professionally rewarding experience. All it takes is careful thought and planning. There are some things you can do to make sure your corporate luncheon is a success.

  • Choose and book the venue. Book as early as you can to ensure getting your first venue choice. Make sure the food and setting is appropriate for a business meeting.
  • Know your budget. If you need to, get budget approval from your supervisor. If you have budget authority, create a reasonable budget and stick to it.
  • Think about creating a lunch committee. This can be especially helpful if you are planning a corporate lunch for ten or more people. It allows you to delegate some of the responsibilities.
  • Work with people at the venue to choose the proper menu. At Memories at the Tradition, you can choose from several menu options. This is helpful, especially for larger groups.
  • Remember the purpose of the corporate luncheon. You'll know how much will be business and how much will be lunch, but remember this is not entirely a social occasion.
  • Remember your manners. This should be pretty straightforward, but it's important to remember things like making sure everyone has arrived and is seated before beginning to eat.
  • Will someone be acting as the host? If you are the one who planned the corporate luncheon, then you would be acting as the host. You'll be the contact for the luncheon venue and likely be the one signing the check at the end of the luncheon.

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