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Planning a Bridal Shower

Sure, planning a wedding is a lot of work. There are pre-wedding events that also take some planning and preparation.

Take bridal showers. Why throw a bridal shower? A lot of it is tradition. It's a great bonding experience. And it's fun to get gifts.

Proper planning will pay off and people will shower you with praise for throwing a great bridal shower.

So who throws the bridal shower? Traditionally, the maid of honor, unless she is an immediate member of the bride's family. Either way, it's not unusual for the mother and/or sister of the bride to have a big hand in the planning of the bridal shower. However, no tradition is a rule, and every wedding is different. This means there is no rule that really has to be followed during the planning of a bridal shower.

The bridal shower, much like the wedding itself, should be planned months in advance. For one thing, this will help give you greater scheduling options if you are planning to hold the bridal shower at a restaurant or banquet facility.

If you are in charge of throwing the bridal shower, check with immediate family members to make sure nothing has already been planned. You want to avoid conflicting events.

Make sure to talk to the bride about the shower. There is usually nothing wrong with surprises but the bride should be kept in the loop. For instances, she may have some thoughts on the invitations in terms of who to invite and who NOT to invite. Nobody wants awkward surprises.

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