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Choosing Your Wedding Vendors

seasons at the traditionOne of the biggest challenges for engaged couples planning a wedding can be finding the right wedding vendors. These can be wedding photographers, florists, hair and makeup artists and DJ's. The best thing these couples can do is do some homework and ask a lot of questions.

So who to ask? That brings us to our first suggestion:

  • Ask your friends. Got any married friends? Ask them how they chose their wedding vendors and see if they know of any vendors that would be right for your wedding.
  • Surf the Wed. There is plenty of good information out there. Check online to see what vendors are in your area. Then you can start comparison shopping.
  • Set up a budget and a price list. When you do start to comparison shop, price is going to be a big factor for most couples. That's okay. That's as it should be. You and your future spouse should sit down and construct a realistic budget. Speaking of realistic, make sure you get a realistic price quote from all vendors.
  • Ask other folks. Like the people are your wedding reception location. See if they work with any trusted vendors. You don't have to choose these vendors on blind faith, but you will have options.
  • Ask the potential vendors plenty of questions. This goes back to doing your homework. You need to know what you want from your wedding vendors. That will allow you to ask the right questions and get a clearer idea of what vendors will be a good fit for your wedding.

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