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The Best Items to Include on a Wedding Registry

seasons at the traditionFamily and friends who attend your wedding want to give you gifts you will love, and you want to receive things you will actually use that will last a long time. Here are some items you should definitely include on your wedding registry.

Casual dinnerware - Your everyday dishes will be used more than anything else in your kitchen, so register for a durable set in a color you like that will last for many years. Ask for extra plates in case some chip or break. Make sure the dishes you ask for are dishwasher safe.

Fine china - You want a set of good china to use at special occasions. Register for 12 place settings so you will have enough for large family gatherings and in case something breaks.

Serving dishes - Choose simple pieces that will match both your fine china and your everyday dishes. Think about how many you will need for the holidays when registering.

Flatware - Register for two sets of silverware – one to go with your china and one for everyday use. Ask for at least 12 place settings, and choose high-quality sets that will last for many years.

Barware - Register for decanters and glasses that are dishwasher safe and will last.

Cutlery - A good set of knives can last a lifetime. Register for knives separately so that several guests can build a set, rather than having one person or couple pay for an entire expensive set.

Bakeware - Replace your old bakeware with new cake pans, cookie sheets, and muffin pans.

Small appliances - Upgrade small appliances, such as your toaster or coffee pot, with fancier models that will last for years.

Glass accessories - Choose vases and other glass accessories that will compliment any décor, but be realistic about the number you need.

Picture frames - Register for lots of frames for pictures of your wedding and your family. You will always have plenty of pictures and find places to display them.

Towels - You use towels every day, so be sure to have enough. Choose quality bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths that will last. Think about guests when deciding on the number.

Hobby equipment - Think about the things you like to do together, such as camping, or personal hobbies that you enjoy, and register for items you can use for those pursuits.

Do-it-yourself supplies - If you and your future spouse are into DIY projects, your registry could be a great way to get some tools and supplies you will need.

Gift cards - Check the box on your registry that says you will accept gift cards. Use them to purchase items from your registry that aren't given to you as gifts.

Furniture - You can register for big-ticket items, such as living room or kitchen furniture. Parents, grandparents, or groups of friends can chip in, or you can use gift cards or cash you receive to pay for them.

Choose wisely and you'll have many thoughtful items waiting for you at your wedding reception.

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